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Temporary tattoos

A temporary tattoo is like a piece of jewelry: a small decoration on the skin that does not claim to last forever and is purely decorative in nature . Temporary tattoos are the perfect body decoration for parties, festivals and special occasions. If you love the tattoo style, INKLOVE gives you the opportunity to have a tattoo temporarily without having to face permanent consequences. Of course, you can also mix classic and temporary tattoos and get creative on your own skin and complement your existing body art for a short time.

Possible uses for temporary tattoos

Temporary tattoos from INKLOVE last for 1-2 weeks, after which the layer of skin in which the ink sits (epidermis) has regenerated naturally. The exact length of time the body art stays varies depending on skin moisture, friction and body location. A good tip is to lightly exfoliate the skin beforehand and leave the film on the skin for about an hour. Afterwards, the color is smudge-proof and waterproof and you can enjoy your body art for the next few days.

Reasons for a temporary tattoo

Sometimes you just want to make a personal statement, other times you want to stand out in the crowd. For others, the chosen motif has a spiritual meaning. With a temporary tattoo you can simply be happy that it isn't forever and you can spontaneously adapt your body art to current trends and your mood. There are many occasions for which temporary tattoos are suitable:

  • Personality: Show who you are and what you feel. Choose the right motif for the day, your mood and your outfit. Combine several motifs for a special message!
  • Music festivals: Temporary tattoos are ideal for choosing to match the vibe of the event. Let your body tell the right story for the concert!
  • The close clique: Together with friends, it's cool to think of a shared tattoo motto for your vacation or party together and then create a best friends look.
  • Deep friendships: With a temporary tattoo that is worn by both people, you can make a visual statement about your special relationship. Also suitable as a great surprise.
  • For children and teenagers: Temporary tattoos offer a brilliant way to give trend-conscious young people the opportunity to choose a tattoo and wear it for a while.

Advantages of a temporary tattoo

If you are still wondering whether a temporary tattoo is right for you, then take a look at the many advantages here:

  • Applying a temporary tattoo from INKLOVE is absolutely painless. A permanent tattoo, on the other hand, is inserted under the skin with needles. This is known to be very painful.
  • A temporary tattoo from INKLOVE disappears on its own after 1-2 weeks. A permanent tattoo must be lasered away to be removed, which is expensive, painful and always leaves some marks.
  • With a temporary tattoo from INKLOVE you have the opportunity to find out whether you like a tattoo and which area is suitable before you get a permanent tattoo.
  • As skin deforms over time due to age, permanent tattoos will change shape and may not look as good. With a temporary tattoo from INKLOVE you will always have a fresh and current tattoo, regardless of your skin or age.
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